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Garmin Striker 5 Ice Fishing

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Striker 5 Ice

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800' (with
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2,300' (maximum)

The Garmin Striker 5 Ice Fishing uses basically the same control head unit as the Garmin Striker 5cv. However, this system includes the ice fishing transducer, as well as a portable kit, which includes a battery and an adapter. Differently put, this is the Garmin Striker 5 part number 010-01552-10.

Technical Details and Specifications

  • Display: 5″ diagonal, 800H x 480V pixel resolution, WVGA color, backlit
  • Sonar: Dual Frequency CHIRP (ClearVü capable)
  • Operating frequencies:
    – 50/77/200 kHz
    – 260/455/800 kHz
  • Depth Capability: 2,300 ft (701 m)
  • Transducer: GT8HW-IF for ice fishing
  • Transmit power: 500 W (RMS)
  • GPS: High-sensitivity, internal
  • Charts: Not supported
  • Waypoints: 5,000
  • Portable Kit included

Sonar and transducer

As we’ve mentioned above, this fish finding system includes the Garmin Striker 5cv control head unit. This unit is capable of 50/77/200 kHz operating frequencies for 2D, and 260/455/800 kHz for ClearVü. However, since it’s a fish finder pack for ice fishing, it comes with the ice fishing transducer GT8HW-IF. This transducer has 8 ft (2.5m) of cable, and 4-pin connector, and also includes a float to keep it steady in the water when ice fishing.


With this transducer, the unit cannot use ClearVü sonar. So, to make it clear, with the included GT8HW-IF transducer, you will only be able to use the 2D CHIRP sonar, to be more specific the High Wide CHIRP frequency (150-240 kHz). This transducer uses conical beams which vary between 24° and 16° depending on the used frequency. It’s also capable of scanning depths up to 800 ft (244 m). However, with a 50 kHz transducer, the unit’s depth capabilities can reach depths up to 2,300 ft (701 m).

This Garmin fish finder is also ClearVü capable, but in order to use ClearVü sonar, you will need a Garmin GT20 transducer which is not included. In other words, you can use this unit on a boat, with a different mount and a different transducer. The included one is strictly for ice fishing.

The unit has several standard fish finding functions, and since it’s an ice fishing bundle, the Circular Flasher is the most important. The Flasher function puts all the sonar information in a circular layout, indicating movements of the fish which enter the sonar beam in real time, as well as the movements of your jig. It also indicates the current depth, the current depth of your jig or fish caught by the sonar beam, and help you assess when the fish are moving towards your jig.

Other functions to mention here are Fish Symbol ID, Bottom Lock, A-Scope, Auto Gain, UltraScroll, fish alarms etc. Keep in mind, though, that some of them are only usable with the 2D standard sonar view and not with the Circular Flasher for ice fishing.

Navigation features

Although this is a fish finder kit for ice fishing, the unit does have navigation functions as well. To begin with, it integrates a high-sensitivity internal GPS. It can show the coordinates (latitude and longitude) for your location and waypoints. Also, via the GPS system, the unit can calculate the speed of your boat, in case you will mount the unit on a boat.

The unit does not have any charts, though. It also cannot be upgraded with any charts as it does not have a microSD card reader. As support for its navigation and GPS functions, it uses a “waypoint map”, which is essentially a blank sheet on which you can mark waypoints in order to return to your fishing spots or other points of interest. The unit can store up to 5,000 waypoints in its internal memory. It also offers a decent array of icons to assign to your waypoints, in order to make them more suggestive and appropriate to your points of interest.

Control unit and portable kit features

The Garmin Striker 5 Ice Fishing unit features a 5-inch WVGA color display, with a pixel resolution of 800 x 480. It has adjustable LED backlight offering excellent readability in direct sunlight and from sharp angles. It’s also IPX7 waterproof, which essentially means that it can withstand incidental water exposure, such as rain, or splashes.

The unit does not have NMEA connectivity and does not have an SD card reader, so you can’t upgrade it with charts, such as the echoMAP CHIRP 54cv, for example.

The portable kit is basically the Garmin 010-12462-00. It includes the carrying case, a battery and charger for the control unit, and a tilt-and-swivel mount. Also, since the transducer is an ice fishing model, it comes with a float.

The Pros

  • CHIRP 2D sonar;
  • ClearVü capable;
  • Ice fishing transducer – GT8HW-IF – included;
  • Portable kit, including a tilt-swivel mount, carrying case, battery and charger;
  • Dual-frequency sonar – which means you can use both 2D beams simultaneously;
  • Various sonar features such as Fish Symbols, A-Scope, Ultrascroll, Circular Flasher etc;
  • High-sensitivity GPS;
  • Can save up to 5,000 waypoints;
  • Can show coordinates;
  • Can calculate the speed of your boat;
  • IPX waterproof and LED backlight for better readability in direct sunlight;
  • Easy to install;
  • Affordable unit.

The Cons

  • No microSD card reader;
  • No NMEA connectivity.


The Garmin Striker 5 Ice Fishing is an affordable CHIRP fish finder which comes with a High Range CHIRP transducer for ice fishing, and a portable kit with mount, battery, and charger. It’s also a GPS unit offering basic navigation features. It doesn’t have charts, doesn’t have an SD card reader and cannot be upgraded with any charts. It’s easy to install, remove, and operate, perfect for stationary fishing and for any small boat or kayak.

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