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Lowrance HOOK2-7 SplitShot US Inland

HOOK2-7 SplitShot

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2D Wide

500' 2D,

InternalUS Inland

The HOOK2-7 SplitShot 000-14289-001 is one of the newest Lowrance fish finders for 2018. It’s pretty much similar to the HOOK2-5 unit, the only major difference between the two being the larger display. Since it’s not an “X” unit, it has GPS mapping and comes with a U.S. Inland charts database. It also includes the new SplitShot transducer for DownScan and 2D CHIRP sonar.

Technical Details and Specifications

  • Screen: 7″ diagonal, 800H x 480V pixel matrix, color TFT, with LED backlight
  • Sonar: High Wide-Angle CHIRP & DownScan
  • Max. Depth Capability:
    • 500 ft (153 m) for the CHIRP sonar
    • 300 ft. (91 m) for DownScan
  • Frequency and Coverage:
    • 2D Sonar: 200 kHz / 40°
    • DownScan: 455/800 kHz
  • Transducer: SplitShot (000-14028-001)
  • Power Output:
    • 2D CHIRP Sonar: 200 Watts (RMS)
    • DownScan: Max. 500 Watts (RMS)
  • Power Supply: 12 VDC (10.4-17 VDC min-max)
  • GPS: Internal, WAAS/EGNOS/MSAS
  • Maps: US Inland
  • Routes, Waypoints, Tracks: 100; 3,000, 100 (10,000) points per trail)

Sonar and transducer

Since it’s a SplitShot unit, this Lowrance fish finder comes with the SplitShot transducer for High-Wide CHIRP sonar and DownScan sonar. This is a plastic transducer with a metallic transom mount. It features 20′ (6m) of cable and has an internal temperature sensor. Also, as opposed to the older HDI transducer, its top side features two cutouts so you can attach it to a trolling motor.

As opposed to the older HOOK-7 unit, this one is only capable of 200 kHz High-Wide CHIRP for its 2D traditional sonar. The CHIRP frequency interval isn’t specified; it’s probably between 180 kHz and 210 kHz, though. The sonar pulse modulation over this range of frequencies rather than one, single sonar pulse, provides superior imaging and a better target separation.

For DownScan, the unit and the transducer are capable of operating at 455/800 kHz. This type of sonar doesn’t support CHIRP, but on the other hand, the unit has the Overlay DownScan feature which allows you to blend the two types of sonar, 2D, and DownScan together. This way, you can understand better the position of the fish arches detected by the 2D sonar in relation to the structure detailed by the DownScan sonar.


The SplitShot transducer uses one conical beam for the 2D High-Wide CHIRP sonar; it’s coverage is approx. 40°, while its depth capability can reach approx. 500 ft (153 m). For DownScan, however, the sonar beams are fan-shaped not conical. Their coverage isn’t specified, but at least the 455 kHz beam should be wider than the 200 kHz (2D) beam. The max. depth capability provided by the DownScan sonar is 300 ft (91 m) @ 455 kHz. Also, the transducer should be able to maintain an optimal bottom and fish targets reading at speeds up to 20-30 MPH, but the recommended speed for the best sonar imaging is trolling speed (up to 10 MPH).

Sonar Autotuning is one of the important features of this unit. The sonar has the capability of autotuning itself, allowing you to spend more time fishing and less time adjusting the unit’s settings. In all, it’s a plug-and-fish system, which actively adjusts the sonar settings as the fishing conditions change.

Most standard sonar features are available with this unit. It has the Circular Flasher mode for ice and stationary fishing, Fish ID, A-Scope, Temperature Graph, Bottom Lock, Fish Alarm, Depth Alarm etc.

GPS & charts

The Lowrance HOOK2-7 SplitShot features a high-sensitivity internal GPS which can also use the EGNOS, MSAS and WAAS satellites. It provides pretty accurate results, the position updates are fast, in real time, without jumping from a point to another. It can show the coordinates of any waypoint or your own location. It can also calculate the speed of your boat.

In terms of cartography, this unit is equipped with the Lowrance U.S. Inland charts. These charts provide high-detail US mapping with 1′ contours for more than 3,000 lakes. They don’t offer super detail, but they show the boundaries between water an land accurately. But on the other hand, the unit is compatible with various, high-detail and more inclusive charts from C-MAP and Navionics.

Waypoint creation, route creation, and trail recording are also functions available with this unit. It can record up to 3,000 waypoints and up to 100 routes, while its trail function can record and save up to 100 trails with 10,000 points per trail.

Control unit features

As its name suggests, the Lowrance HOOK2-7 SplitShot features a 7-inch diagonal display; it’s a color display with a pixel resolution of 800H x 480V and provides sharp images. The display is a SolarMAX type, equipped with an adjustable LED backlight, providing excellent readability in direct sunlight, its angle visibility being 70°/50°/70°/70° top/bottom/left/right.

The unit is IPX7 waterproof which essentially means that it won’t be affected by incidental water exposure such as occasional splashes or rain. It should also withstand full immersions in freshwater, up to 1 m.

The mount included with the unit is a tilt-and-swivel u-type bracket, but a flush mount is also available.

Although it’s a 7-inch unit, it doesn’t offer NMEA or other Ethernet connectivity. However, it does have a microSD card slot for chart or software upgrades and data transfer. Its interface is highly intuitive and extremely easy to use. It doesn’t have touchscreen technology so it’s fully operated via the keypad on the right.

The Pros

  • 2D Broadband Wide CHIRP Sonar;
  • DownScan sonar;
  • SplitShot 2-in-1 transducer included;
  • Metallic transom mount for the transducer, and also the possibility to attach it to a trolling motor;
  • Sonar recording;
  • DownScan overlay;
  • Various functions included, such as Fish ID, A-Scope, Bottom Lock, Flasher, Colorline etc;
  • Fast and accurate GPS;
  • US Inland basemaps included;
  • Compatible with superior charts, such as C-MAP®, C-MAP Genesis, Navionics® and more;
  • Color display;
  • SolarMAX display with adjustable backlight for excellent readability in direct sunlight;
  • MicroSD card reader (1 slot);
  • Bracket mount included;
  • Fairly easy to install;
  • One year warranty.

The Cons

  • No unit cover;
  • No NMEA connectivity.
  • Doesn’t support AIS or external GPS.


The Lowrance HOOK2-7 SplitShot is a fish finder and chart plotter offering 2D Wide CHIRP sonar, DownScan, GPS and US Inland charts. It comes with the SplitShot 2-in-1 transducer which works with both types of sonar provided by the unit. It’s perfect for small boats and inland fishing, but also for off-shore fishing if you equip it with more inclusive charts and you don’t need to scan greater depths than 500 ft. And finally, it’s one of the most affordable 7-inch fishfinder/chartplotter units.

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