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Lowrance HOOK2-4x GPS Bullet


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The HOOK2-4x GPS is one of the newest units released by Lowrance in December 2017. It’s a basic fish finder, but despite the fact that it’s an “X” unit, it does have a GPS plotter, unlike the older HOOK-5X CHIRP unit, for example. The plotter feature is similar to the one offered by the Garmin Striker 4.

Before we proceed with the description of this Lowrance fish finder, there’s a clarification to be made. This is the part number 000-14014-001, the HOOK2-4x unit which also has GPS and comes with the Bullet Skimmer transducer.

Technical Details and Specifications

  • Screen: 4″ diagonal, 480H x 272V pixel resolution, WVGA color TFT, backlit
  • Sonar: Wide-Angle Broadband Sonar
  • Frequency and Coverage: 200 kHz / 40°
  • Depth Capability: 500 ft (152 m)
  • Transducer: Bullet Skimmer (000-14027-001)
  • Power Input: 12 vDC (10-17 vDC min-max)
  • GPS: Basic plotter
  • Charts: Not supported

Transducer and sonar

Along with the HOOK2 units, Lowrance has released a few new transducers as well; the HOOK2-4x GPS unit comes with the Bullet Skimmer (000-14027-001), which is a plastic transducer, it features a metallic transom mount, but its top has a cutout space that gives you the possibility to attach it to a trolling motor. It comes with 20″ (6 m) of cable and has an 8-pin plug.

Although it’s a basic Lowrance fish finder, the HOOK2-4x offers Wide-Angle Broadband Sonar, operating at 200 kHz. For this frequency, the transducer uses a conical beam with a coverage of 40°. Its depth capability can reach 500′ (152 m).

The unit offers Automated Sonar Settings. This feature allows you to spend more time fishing and less time tuning the unit. It actively adjusts the sonar settings as the fishing conditions change. In all, it’s a plug-and-fish depth finder.

The unit offers several useful sonar functions, such as Fish ID, Circular Flasher, Shallow Alarm, Bottom Range, etc.

GPS plotter

The Lowrance HOOK2-4x GPS doesn’t come with any charts, and cannot be upgraded with any charts. However, it does offer a basic GPS plotter, similar to the one offered by the Garmin Striker units. The GPS is internal; its number of channels and frequency are not specified (it’s probably a 5 Hz GPS, which can update your position 5 times per second). It can also use the information from WAAS, EGNOS and MSAS satellites if they are available in your current area.

The GPS plotter is characterized by a blank page, on which you can mark waypoints and save routes. Each waypoint has an exact position with latitude and longitude coordinates. The system also automatically tracks and draws the vessel’s movement on the white sheet of the plotter.

Control unit features

This Lowrance fishfinder is equipped with a 4-inch WVGA color TFT display. It also has LED backlight, offering crisp and clear imaging of fish, structure, bottom, and vegetation. Since the display is a SolarMAX™ type, it delivers excellent visibility in direct sunlight; the display angle visibility is 70°/50°/70°/70° top/bottom/left/right. It’s important to mention here, though, that this unit doesn’t have a split-view feature. In other words you can only view either the sonar or the GPS in full-screen, but not side-by-side in split-view.

The unit does not have touchscreen technology; it’s keypad operated, the navigation through the menus and the usage of its functions is done exclusively via the keypad on the right side. It also does not offer NMEA integration, nor does it have an SD/microSD card reader.

There are two mounts supplied with the HOOK2-4x GPS, the classic quick-release bracket, and the front-dash mount.

The Pros

  • Wide-angle Broadband Sonar (200 kHz/40°);
  • Bullet Skimmer transducer included;
  • Depth capability – 500 ft (152 m)
  • Sonar Autotuning;
  • Fish ID feature included;
  • Circular Flasher feature included;
  • Depth Alarm and Shallow Water Alarm;
  • Water temperature reading;
  • Simple and accurate GPS plotter, WAAS, MSAS, and EGNOS capable;
  • Waypoints, routes, and track plotting functions.
  • SolarMAX™ display offering excellent readability from sharp angles.

The Cons

  • Single beam sonar only;
  • No split-view feature;
  • No A-Scope function.


The Lowrance HOOK2-4x GPS Bullet is a basic fishfinder and GPS system, offering Wide-Angle Broadband sonar and a GPS plotter. It includes the new Bullet Skimmer transducer which has a transom mount but can also be attached to a trolling motor. It has automated sonar settings, while the GPS plotter is very easy to operate. It’s a perfect fishfinder for small boats and kayaks, and finally, it’s quite inexpensive, currently priced under $150.


  1. Can any one help have tried 3 sonars fish finder and transducer and keep getting vary depths and when going depthsgo away have tried everything all seem to be the same 2 lowrance and 2 eagles fishfinders have mounted on the left where the eagle has work fine for 99 years can’t keep putting boat in and out of water to check any answer only is the red and black leads after the plug is in don’t know why keeps doing this Any answer please ASAP

    • You are getting interference from air bubbles going past the transduccer so it loses bottom.
      Need to move the transducer lower or in a cleaner flow of water. Some transducer shapes work better than others too.

    • i have the same problem with no depth on the move,tried everything.i just removed it and put my old sounder back on.very disappointing as it was a xmas gift.

      • Yep.. I had the same thing and did exactly what you did. Put my old finder on. Im looking at other brands now and will put this down as a big mistake.

    • Had the same issues with mine too.Lots of mucking around changing positions of transducer etc. Even had the head unit replaced with no joy. Now they say it may be an issue with the transducer. Have to rip that out , wait for a replacement and reinstall. I’ve been forced to put my old fishfinder on, which worked fine in the same position I put the Hook2 on.
      Im over it to be honest and have been looking at other brands.

  2. Does this unit offer split screen capability with the gps plotter/ sonar display at the same time or do you have to switch back in forth in order to view each one.

    • No. The SplitShot X units, as well as the Bullet units do not have the split-view feature.

  3. Could this unit be used for ice fishing?

    • Technically, yes. However, the Bullet transducer is for transom or trolling motor mounting. So, you’ll need to improvise a bit in order to use it properly on the ice, as it may need a floater. Something like this:

  4. Does the unit give a mph read out?

    • It does.

      • Yes it does !

    • Mine does have the mph function

      • Mine has a speed indicator.

  5. is there a speed indicator

    • Not for this unit.

  6. Will it work under kayak, I have a cutout under my kayak made for a kayak is perception pro pescador 120.

    • The transducer has a transom mount. To use it with a kayak you’ll need to improvise.

    • Lowrance makes a scupper plug transducer mount. Mine works great on the Jackson Kraken.

  7. Can I mount the transducer beside another transducer.

    • Sure.

  8. What buttons do you press to setup sonar hook2 4x bullet gps

    • The page button toggles between pages. The arrow cursor allows you to pan the image in any direction. The bottom left button (the waypoint button) allows you to mark a waypoint.

  9. On a vid I heard the lowrance rep say it could be in Hull mounted on a fibreglass boat. Can I adhear the transducer to the Hull base floor with silicon and will it still work properly rather than screwing the transom bracket to the Hull externally?

    • Yes, you can epoxy it in-hull, and it should shoot through the hull.

  10. How to Turn Off Demo Mode on Lowrance HOOK2 4xGPS?

    • Lowrance units are by default in demo mode until you connect the transducers to them.

  11. How do I get it out of simulate mode,?

    • It should be something like this: Pages Button -> Settings -> Simulator, and turn off Demo Mode and Simulation.

  12. Is the bullet transducer compatible with the eagle 480 fishmark transducer?

    • Don’t think so.

  13. Dont get why they dont have included splitscreen , its just a software thing.Would be a winner if included , now i m looking at other brands that do.
    Using the Hook 3x dsi now on my kayak.

  14. How do you get the depth to read in the top left corner?

    • Data overlay.

  15. Does the unit have a built in audio alarm (for depth), or does it need an external speaker?

    • Yes, it does have a built-in speaker, and an alarm function for shallow water that you can setup.

  16. I have sent my unit back to California because I couldn’t get it to work. They sent it back and said it was fixed. I have tried over and over but I just can’t get it to work. I am just about to trash it and buy another brand. Please help if you can.

    • Is it in simulator mode? I just took my boat out for trial run with new engine and Hook2 4x unit. I couldnt work out how to get out of simulator mode,so the speed was a constant 1.9 knots….when plainly we were planing at about 18 kts. Rather messed with the trial.

    • i ve just done that.over the frustrating depth most of the time,useless.

  17. Is the fish finder water proof

    • Not full-waterproof. But it can take water splashes or rain.

  18. Time is off 6 hours also position is off on satellite screen. How do fix ?

    • The time settings should be at Settings->System->Time, while the GPS settings should be at Settings->GPS->More Options->Orientation Course Up (or something like that).

  19. Can i mount the transducer inside on the hull of my kayak

    • You’ll need to improvise and it’s not exactly recommended. It might not function properly.

  20. help have hook2 4x/ gps bullet all screens seem to be working ok except tje sonar one,
    I turn it on all will work for 10to20 minutes the the depth reading will go off and reappear about 10sec. later in the mean time on both top and bottom double zeros appear with vertical line from top to bottom then it might revert back to normal sonar seems the deeper water I go this scenerio starts any advice before I junk it

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