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Garmin Striker 7sv

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Striker 7SV
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800' 2D,
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So far, it has been a rule of thumb that fish finders which offer side sonar technology, also offer chart plotting functions. Garmin has broken this rule at the beginning of 2016, by releasing the Striker 7SV unit. This model focuses on offering the best sonar technologies available, but only with minimal navigation functions. In other words, you will get the best sonar possible, including CHIRP SideVü, but without having to pay extra for plotter functions.

There are two unit part numbers for the Striker 7SV: 010-01554-00 and 010-01554-01. They both come with a transducer, the only difference is that the -00 one comes with English US documentation, while the -01 one comes with World Wide documentation.

Technical Details and Specifications

  • Screen: 7.0″ diagonal, 800H x 480V pixel resolution, WVGA color, backlit
  • Sonar: High Wide Traditional CHIRP, CHIRP DownVü, CHIRP SideVü
  • Frequency and Coverage:
    • 2D Sonar: High CHIRP 150-240 kHz, 24°-16°
    • DownVü: 455 kHz (425-485 kHz) 2.0° / 50° and 800 kHz (790-850 kHz) 1.0° / 30°
    • SideVü: 455 kHz (425-485 kHz) 2.0° / 50° and 800 kHz (790-850 kHz) 1.0° / 30°
  • Depth Capability:
    • 2D: 800 ft (244 m)
    • DownVü: 500 ft (152 m)
    • SideVü: 500 ft (152 m)
  • Transducer: GT52HW-TM (12-pin)
  • Power Output: 500 Watts (RMS)
  • GPS: High-precision, internal
  • Maps: No
  • Waypoints: 5,000

Sonar and transducer

First of all, the Striker 7SV unit is capable of 50/77/200 kHz for traditional sonar, and 260/455/800 kHz for DownVü and SideVü. But enforced by CHIRP technology, and striker-455khz-chirps-sv-dvpowered by the supplied CHIRP GT52HW-TM transducer, you will gain much more from this unit. For example, for DownVü / SideVü instead of using just the 455 kHz or 800 kHz frequency for a continuous pulse, it will modulate each pulse between 425-485 kHz, and respectively 790-850 kHz, with the help of the transducer which also incorporates CHIRP elements. This way, a much clearer view will form on the screen, eliminating all clutter, and contouring the targets much better.

Both CHIRP SideVü and CHIRP DownVü are great sonar technologies for observing structure. However, fish targets or bait clouds will also appear on the screen. SideVü will help you understand the position of a certain target in relation to the boat, or in relation to other targets. It has a range of up to 750 ft (228 m) on each side of the boat. DownVü will help you understand a target’s shape better, and also clearly see how far up in the water column it reaches.

For SideVü / DownVü, the transducer will use thin beams, of up to 2° fore to aft, but 50° wide for 455 kHz, and 30° for 800 kHz. Evidently, SideVü will use two beams for each frequency, one on each side of the boat, while DownVü will “look” directly under the boat.

When it comes to traditional sonar, with the supplied GT52HW-TM transducer, the Striker 7SV will only use one beam, for High Wide CHIRP, modulating each pulse between 150-240 kHz. The transducer beam is conical, and the beam will vary between 24° and 16°. However, the unit can support dual frequency, and work with a 77/200 kHz transducer, or with a 50/200 kHz transducer.

Now, since 2D sonar is much better at observing targets, this sonar technology will help a lot to distinguish between targets in a fish school, get a better idea of their size, and even help you tell whether you’re looking at a school of crappie, or a school of white bass.

The 2D sonar also makes available several useful functions. For example, there’s a vertical flasher function, great to use for down dropping or ice fishing. A-Scope, Bottom Lock, Split Zoom, Fish Symbols and several types of alarms, are also included.

Although the maximum depth you can reach with this unit is approx. 2,300 ft for freshwater, and 1,100 ft for saltwater, this can only be achieved with a 50 kHz capable transducer. With the supplied transducer, the maximum depth that you will be able to scan is 800 ft for 2D and up to 500 ft with SV and DV.

One last aspect to mention here also regards the transducer. The GT52HW-TM supplied with the unit has a 12-pin connector, while the unit has a 4-pin connector. However, a cable adapter is included. The transducer comes with both transom and trolling motor mounts, and 20 ft. (6 m) of cable. It also incorporates a temperature sensor, thus the unit will be able to read the topwater temperature. The control unit also has the temperature graph function, which indicates temperature variance over the scanned area.


Although this Striker unit focuses on offering the some of the best sonar technologies striker-garmin-gps-view-04available, it also has a basic GPS system. It doesn’t have a chartplotter, but nonetheless, it lets you know your current coordinates, and track the speed of your boat. The best part regarding this function is that it allows you to mark waypoints, offering a selection of various, suggestive icons. It can store up to 5,000 waypoints. Also, you can transfer waypoints between this unit and echoMAP units via data cable.

Control unit

The control unit features a 7-inch display, just about wide enough to offer great detail for side imaging, and also to supply enough screen space for a 3-panel, split-screen view. The display has an 800 x 480 pixel matrix, just like the Striker 5DV, a WVGA colorful screen, with LED adjustable backlight. Its backlight makes the view bright and clear enough even in direct sunlight. It’s also a polarized sunglasses friendly unit.

Just like the other Striker units, the 7SV features a more compact and rugged design, more suitable for outdoor use. It’s also IPX7 waterproof, which means rain or splashes won’t harm it. But nonetheless, the box also includes a cover.

Finally, this unit supports Minn Kota and MotorGuide trolling motors with integrated transducers, and there’s also the option of a portable kit, which makes it easier to dismount or use for ice fishing or kayak. However, the box comes with the tilt, standard mount.

The Pros

  • Dual frequency capable unit – 77/200 kHz or 50/200 kHz 2D CHIRP sonar (Mid CHIRP and High CHIRP);
  • CHIRP SideVü / DownVü sonar – capable of 260/455/800 kHz;
  • GT52HW-TM (12-pin) transducer included, along with trolling and transom mount, and 4-pin cable adapter;
  • Various 2D sonar functions available, such as A-Scope, Bottom Lock, Split Zoom, Flasher, Fish Symbols etc;
  • Temperature graph function;
  • High-sensitivity GPS;
  • GPS speed;
  • Can save up to 5,000 waypoints, with suggestive icons;
  • Can share waypoints with echoMAP units via data cable;
  • Tilt mount included;
  • IPX7 waterproof;
  • Protective cover and power cable included;
  • Adjustable backlight.
  • Easy to use and install.

The Cons

  • No NMEA connectivity;
  • No SD card reader;
  • Cannot copy waypoints from other units than Garmin;
  • Resets settings with every shutdown.


Most 7-inch fish finders with side view and down view sonar that you’ll find out there, also include a whole bunch of features that you may not want, such as advanced GPS and chartplotter functions, sonar recording, or SD card reader. The Striker 7SV cuts back on all these features, in order to provide the best sonar available, including CHIRP technology for 2D, SideVü, and DownVü, at an extremely affordable price. In other words, it’s a unit with minimal navigation and connectivity features and functions but does offer some kick-ass sonar. The transducer is also included so you won’t have to pay extra for it. It is actually one of the most affordable, if not the most affordable 7-inch unit with SideVü that you can find at the moment.


  1. One of the best reviews I have read on this unit, and I have read a lot of them.
    I was wondering about how you load updates.

    • I don’t think the internal software of this unit is upgradable. No SD card reader, and only 3 connectors at the back, 2 for transducers, one for power. You can’t add any charts to it. It’s a simple unit, with advanced sonar capabilities and basic GPS. That’s it.

  2. This unit has some good points and some really bad points. Understand before buying this unit exactly what you are getting. First the bad points, it is stated up front that there is no ability to load maps into this unit. No problem with that, most buying this unit are using it on small waters which really don’t require maps. You will NOT however be able to upload any waypoints into this unit unless coming from another Garmin unit. I had a whole library of GPS waypoints stored on my laptop that I subsequently had to input into the 7sv thumb clickin’ one letter and number at a time ( no luxury of a keyboard!). 150 points took me about 2 weeks of nightly entry (after work during the evening)!! It didn’t say anywhere in pre-purchase description that there was no data entry capability. Then to make matters worse be prepared to get on the water set all of the sonar settings to where you want them for optimal image visualization (Traditional sonar, DS, and sideview) and then have them GONE AND SET BACK TO DEFAULT SETTINGS when you next power up!! Yes that’s right this unit WILL NOT HOLD the settings you made for traditional sonar, downscan, nor side view. You will have to take the time to individually set all three of them every time you get on the water. For those that fish alot, what a MAJOR inconvenience!! For the love of me can’t figure out how a feature packed unit inclusive of so many details would be so errant in omission of a feature that even the lowest level units from 10 years ago to the present have!!! I contacted Garmin and probably spoke to about 5 different service technicians explaining what I (and they for that matter) thought was a defective unit. Consultation with product engineers however revealed that that’s the way this unit is made and there was no way to resolve the issue!! Not really an acceptable answer to me. REALLY??!
    The images are pretty sharp in general but i did find the down scan a little tempermental in adjusting to discern details from the traditional sonar (ie. bait ball traditional not showing up at all on DS no matter how i adjusted brightness or contrast).
    Perhaps decent for the price point you’ll have to decide that. I’d rather bite the bullet and avoid the hassle (and completely unapologetic response from Garmin) Take it fishing, while you’re messing with the settings I’ll be the guy a little way down the lake landing another fish…

    • Points considered. Corrections made.

    • My 7SV absolutely HOLDS the settings. I just tested this, too.

      • i just purchased this unit are you sure about it being able to hold settings after shut down

  3. Any chance of modifying the software to Retain settings rather than reset them on every shutdown ?

    • Apparently not.

  4. How do you get it on 800khz for dv or sv

  5. the SV is not working in deep sea waters over 40 meters …is just for lakes and rivers

  6. The Striker 7sv is a very good buy relative to the performance ability of the sonar magic; however little thought was given to some of the more down to earth issues. For instance this unit draws power even in the OFF mode (mine draws .65 mA), so I installed an On/OFF toggle switch. The cable leads can pull out when mounted to the swivel base unless a good deal of slack cable is provided because there is no mechanical securement for the pin connectors. The cables insert horizontally into the back of the unit which even though they each have an O-ring can allow rain water to run into the socket under extreme conditions (much better if they were oriented downward). Lastly, I still haven’t figured out how to access the 3A fuse which is in a holder in the power lead – sent a request to Garmin but received no reply to date.

  7. you can set the italian language in this item and how it works at 600 feets deep in saltawater?

    • The SideVu and ClearVu are for shallow waters. They probably won’t be reliable for depths up to 600 ft in saltwater. However, the 2D sonar should work fine. Not sure about the Italian language option, though.

  8. Dont like it…
    No memory for customised settings, so you have to reset every time you fish.
    Poor cable attachment as its just plug with no screw down cap to hold cables in place so I have had the power cable come out too many times in a bit of rough weather.
    The striker 7sv gets a 4 or 10 from me at best.

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