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Garmin ECHOMAP Plus 44cv

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ECHOMAP Plus 44cv

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4.3"2D CHIRP,
2,300' 2D,
250' Cv
US BlueChart
g2 HD,

The ECHOMAP Plus 44cv is one of the newest fish finders from Garmin, for 2018. Even though it’s one of the smallest units, it’s also a chartplotter. It the model number 010-01886-01, the one that includes the U.S. coastal charts, and comes with a ClearVü transducer.

Technical Details and Specifications

  • Screen: 4.3″ diagonal, 272H x 480V pixel resolution, WQVGA color, backlit
  • Sonar: CHIRP 2D, CHIRP ClearVü
  • Frequency and Coverage:
    • Standard: 200 kHz / 15° and 77 kHz / 45°
    • ClearVü: 455 kHz / 2.5° (fore to aft) x 53°, 800 kHz / 1.6° (fore to aft) x 29°
  • Depth Capability:
    • Standard: 2,300 (701 m)
    • ClearVü: 250 ft (76 m)
  • Transducer: CV20-TM
  • Power Output: 500 Watts (RMS)
  • GPS: 5Hz, Internal
  • Maps: BlueChart g2
  • Routes, Waypoints, Tracks: 100; 5,000; 50,000 points (50 saved tracks)

Sonar and transducer

The Garmin ECHOMAP Plus 44cv comes with the classic CV20-TM transducer for 2D CHIRP and ClearVü. This transducer is capable of two frequencies for each type of sonar, 77/200 kHz for 2D traditional CHIRP, and 455/800 kHz for CV. The unit itself is capable of multiple base frequencies, though; it supports 50/77/83/200 kHz for 2D and 260/455/800 kHz for CV. Thus, you can use other transducers with this unit if you want. For example, it is compatible with the CV22HW-TM or the CV23M-TM transducers. However, this unit is not compatible with Panoptix transducers, nor does it have Panoptix sonar technology.

The included CV20-TM transducer is a plastic model but has a metallic transom mount. It integrates a temperature probe while the unit can show the temperature detected by the transducer. It comes with 20′ (6m) of cable and has a 4-pin connector.

This transducer uses conical beams for 2D. Their coverage is 45° @ 77 kHz and 15° @ 200 kHz. Conversely, the ClearVü beams are fan-shaped, only approx. 1.5° fore/aft, but wider side-to-side, approx. 29° @ 800 kHz, and 53° @ 455 kHz.

With the included transducer, this Garmin fish finder system can use High-Band CHIRP and Mid-Band CHIRP when using the 2D mode. The CHIRP modulation intervals are not specified for 2D, however, for CV, they are 425-485 kHz, and respectively 790-850 kHz. CHIRP sonar is superior to single frequency sonar as the CHIRP modulation results in better echoes, images of superior quality, fewer chances of missing targets, and a better target separation.

The specified depth capability for the included CV20-TM transducer is 2,300 ft (701 m) at 77 kHz in freshwater, and approx. 1,100 ft (335 m) in saltwater. ClearVü, though, it’s a type of sonar intended for freshwater use, as it’s depth capability only reaches 250 ft (76 m) in freshwater. Also, the recommended sailing speed for the best quality of sonar imaging is between 5-6 MPH.

As opposed to the new Garmin Striker Plus 43cv, this unit has the Sonar Recording and Sonar Rewind features. Also, for the traditional sonar, all the classic features are available, including Fish Symbols, Circular Flasher, A-Scope, Bottom Lock etc.

Navigation features

The Garmin ECHOMAP Plus 44cv is equipped with a 5 Hz internal GPS, which is capable of using WAAS and or EGNOS satellites, if available. It updates your position 5 times per second. It shows the latitude and longitude coordinates for any point of interest, and also calculates the speed of your boat.

The unit can save up to 5,000 waypoints in its memory, several types of icons being available, in order to make each waypoint more suggestive. It has a trackplotting function and can record up to 50 tracks (50,000 points per track). It also gives you the possibility to create up to 100 routes.

As we’ve mentioned above, this is one of the Garmin fish finders preloaded with the U.S. coastal charts, the BlueChart g2. These are basically coastal charts, covering the U.S. coastal waters (East Coast, West Coast, Gulf of Mexico, U.S. and the Canadian sides of the Great Lakes). They are charts derived from official charts and private sources and they provide a lot of information including spot soundings, depth contours, tides/currents information, nav-aids and more. The unit is also compatible with various premium charts, including BlueChart g2 HD, BlueChart g2 Vision HD, charts which unlock the Auto Guidance feature and other extremely useful features on the water. LakeVü charts can also be used with this unit.

Since this is one of the most basic Garmin chartplotters, it doesn’t have integrated Wi-Fi, nor does it have SailAssist features. However, it does have the Quickdraw Contours feature. Via Quickdraw Contours you can scan the lake where you’re fishing and create a personalized fishing map with 1′ contours. Depth Range Shading and Shallow Shading features are available with this unit.

Control unit features

The Garmin ECHOMAP Plus 44cv features a 4.3″ diagonal display, WQVGA color, with a pixel resolution of 272H x 480V. It also has LED backlight and offers an excellent readability in direct sunlight and from sharp angles. It’s IPX7 waterproof which basically means that it can resist water splashes, rain, or even immersions in freshwater.

The unit is keypad operated; it doesn’t have touchscreen technology. As opposed to the older echoMAP CHIRP 44cv it has a slightly larger keypad, with four buttons on each side, and the navigation arrow pad in the middle. The box includes a classic tilt-and-swivel mount with quick release cradle, a flush mount, and a unit cover.

In terms of connectivity, the unit offers NMEA support. It has an input and an output for NMEA 0183. It also has a microSD card reader with one slot, which gives you the possibility to transfer data via SD card or upgrade your charts.

The Pros

  • CHIRP technology offering superior clarity, target separation and target definition, for both 2D and ClearVü;
  • Supports 50/77/83/200 kHz standard sonar frequencies, and 260/455/800 kHz ClearVü frequencies;
  • Dual-frequency sonar;
  • ClearVü transducer (CV20-TM) included;
  • Data graphs and other sonar functions;
  • Sonar recording and rewind;
  • Multiple standard sonar features such as Bottom Lock, Fish Symbols, Split-Zoom, A-Scope, Circular Flasher, Alarms, etc;
  • Fast 5 Hz internal GPS;
  • Preloaded with the U.S. coastal charts BlueChart g2;
  • Quickdraw Contours;
  • Shallow Water Shading;
  • Compatible with various other chart types, such as BlueChart g2 Vision or LakeVü HD Ultra;
  • Enhanced Auto Guidance capable;
  • Supports AIS and DSC-capable VHF radio;
  • Quick disconnection (tilt-swivel) mount
  • MicroSD card reader (1 slot);
  • NMEA 0183 ports
  • Easy to install;
  • Straightforward, comprehensive operation.

The Cons

  • The manual is not specific to this unit but to the whole ECHOMAP Plus units. It also covers features that this system doesn’t have;
  • Cannot use Navionics charts or other charts than Garmin charts;
  • No unit cover.


The Garmin ECHOMAP Plus 44cv is a fish finder and chartplotter made for off-shore fishing as it comes with the BlueChart g2 maps. It has 2D CHIRP sonar, ClearVü sonar and includes the CV20-TM transducer. It has quite an impressive array of navigation features for a small unit, including Quickdraw Contours, AIS support, VHF radio support, being also compatible with several types of Garmin premium charts. In all, it’s a versatile unit with an excellent price/value ratio.

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